Our chosen skincare range is Eve Taylor, London.

Eve Taylor is the founder of the Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy and is regarded as the pioneer of modern aromatherapy by professional skin care therapists worldwide.

The Eve Taylor range of pure essential oils is the number one selling professional aromatherapy brand in the world.

Eve Taylor products are only available through salon, spa and professional therapists. As professional Eve Taylor therapists, we can offer you professional homecare advice and personalised recommendations. This will ensure you get the right product for you; to benefit and maintain a regime appropriate to your skin care needs.

Express: £15

Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Massage and Moisturise ( 30 mins ).  

MINI: £26

Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Massage, Mask and Moisturise (40 minutes).

Super: £46

Deep Brush Cleanse, Tone, Bio Peel Exfoliation, Steam, Extraction, Ampoule, Serum, Massage, Eye & Lip Contour Mask, Treatment Mask, Hand Or Foot massage and Moisturise (90 mins).

Colloidal Oatmeal Facial: £40

This facial is great for those that feel their skin is really sensitive, great for those prone to developing rashes, prickly heat, hives, eczema, psoriasis, acne etc.  It is important that the skin isn't overly stimulated as we need to keep the treatment as calm as possible.  Colloidal oats are a great way of calming and nourishing the skin whilst also helping to alleviate any redness that can often occur in this skin type. 

Anti-ageing Collagen Facial: £42

This facial is great as an anti-ageing boost.  Our collagen levels deplete in our skin as we get older and this boost of collagen will ensure that your skin is left feeling plumper and hydrated.

Eve Taylor Prescriptive Facial: £35

Tailor made to your skins needs whether it be:  dry, normal, sensitive, dehydrated or blemished.
Balancing,Soothing and Purifying for 60 minutes.




Add on £10
Add on with another treatment £5

Eye Contour Masque

Description: Adapted for the delicate eye area this marine collagen based masque helps bind cells together strengthening the barrier function.  Reduces puffiness while firming and smoothing the skin. Rice extracts brighten the skin as Rose hydrates and soothes.

Skin type/condition: All skin types, ideal for puffiness, dark circles and lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

Benefits: This setting masque leaves skin around the eyes feeling smoother, firmer and more hydrated. Lines are softened as the marine collagen plumps the outer skin. Skin is more luminous as rice bran assists to brighten dark circles.

Lip Contour Masque

Description: A deeply hydrating masque to firm, plump and smooth the lips. Helps guard against cracked, chapped lips and improving skin flexibility. Fine lines around the mouth are also softened as this masque smoothens and plumps.

Skin type/condition: All skin conditions.

Benefits: This masque will tone, revitalise and purify the lips. Firms, tightens and softens the texture of the tissues. Improves circulation and promotes healing, ideal for lips prone to flaking and chapping.

Courses: All facials have a progressive effect and work even more effectively taken as a course. Buy a course of four and get your fifth facial free