Relaxation Workshop

Relaxation Techniques work by relaxing the mind and body, techniques such as autogenic training and PMR relaxes the muscles and in turn helps relax the mind. Assisting the mind from our normal alert conscious state of Beta to Alpha- a relaxed, calm state where both healing and learning cultivates best. Some relaxation techniques such as mental imagery in practices of guided visualization also known as guided meditation are cultivated in Theta level a deep state of relaxation associated with dreaming and in states of hypnosis.

Relaxation Techniques induce deep stages of relaxation, reducing states of hyper arousal when suffering from stress. Relaxation Therapy encourages a general state of relaxation and wellbeing. This encourages homeostasis and equilibrium of the body.

Relaxation Techniques such as seen in Autogenic Training and PMR are particularly aimed at both body and mind. These are the most highly effective relaxation tools at reducing muscle tension, general aches and pains and an excellent sleep aid for insomnia.

All forms of relaxation therapy relax the mind, which in turn relaxes the body and organs. Relaxation techniques like Meditation helps reduce blood pressure regulate the bodies’ nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system. The whole body is brought to BALANCE.

If you would like to learn the skills of relaxation with others then why not try one of our group relaxation workshops. The workshops and courses we offer teach you invaluable skills which are drawn from the principles of cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, problem-solving therapy, mediation and mindfulness

The strategies we use are very much based on common sense, drawing on the positive aspects of many types of psychological therapy to form a comprehensive and thorough approach to solving life's problems.

The first 6 week workshop starts in June; this will be a full relaxation program that includes both modern and traditional relaxation and meditation techniques.

Stress Management Coaching Sessions

Hayley can help you manage your stress; banish sleepless nights caused by stress and anxiety.


Follow on Sessions 45 minutes: Only £25 per session.